Manufacturing LED Film Light from China

Quality LED Film Light for Professional
film, video and photography markets.
We are AXFlex. We make led film lights with kits.

Flexible Shape. Precise Output.Total Filmmaking Performance.

AXflexmat specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of LED Space Light, RGBYW LED Tubes, Flexible LED mats for video and Photo. All of lights are CE & RoHs certificated. We also bring in ISO9001, 14008 quality management system to achieve more accurate control over key steps.

Our experienced R&D 20 dedicated engineers, aim at enduser’ requests to create new product and give new energy for your business. if you are not satisfy our standard design, we can give you big support for your demands and suggestions seriously.


LED Film Light Category

LED Space Light
led space light sRGB 1,000-20,000K, CRI96, TLCI96, CCI=0 ;CCT& Brightness adjustment, 10,000 step smooth adjustment, speed control response.                        89 kinds light color & effect internal, Wired/ Wireless Master-Slave Control Mode, Scene control,all heads unified &  independent head & full function control mode;
film light equipment
Pixel tube
16 pixels for 4ft, Built-in battery, support master-slave, APP, wired, wireless and support Madrix software control. Color temperature 2,700-10,000K, TLCI 96, CRI 96, support +-green Built-in color wheel, color paper, pixel effect, built-in dimming curve selection (exponential, linear, logarithmic), built-in light library, support remote firmware upgrade.
big size mat
Large Area Overhead Light
3mx3m, weight 24.4KG,3500W, whole lamp 1,600 pixel units (each unit 9 full colour LED pixels)

Support: MADRIX; Madmapper; Luminair; Blackout; SUNSHINE APP.

Package: lamp,ballast, egg grid/soft light cloth / edge,9 power source cable,1.5m power source cable,5-core signal cable, network signal cable, flight case.


Rich Experience
12 Years Experience in PCB; 5 Years Experience in LED Flex Mat.
OEM & ODM service
Accept OEM order if you have an idea in your mind, we can help you achieve it.
Finance & Stock Support
Long-term cooperation, Prepare Stock for customers to Reduce Lead time.
24/7 support
People is always the key; Get the people right and you'll get the results right.