BSC Expo 2024, UK London

The BSC Expo, which lasted for two days, came to a successful conclusion on February 17. The BSC Expo is a leading international event in Europe for film and television production equipment and technology. The exhibition gathered many professional lighting designers, directors of photography, producers, and other film and television industry professionals. Let’s review the … Read more

F350C Introduction

New large-scale cinema-grade lighting fixture, the Aurora Sky (F350C), has officially launched. With an ultra-large output power of 3500W and control of up to 1600 pixel points, it provides strong light sources and future lighting needs for the cinema lighting industry. RGBWW, 16 Units, 3m x 3m, 1,600 Pixels, Pixel Control, CRI>95, TLCI>97, LumenRadio, ArtNet, CRMX, … Read more

Thailand Open Day 2023.11.28

The Film and Television Product Exhibition concluded successfully in Thailand on November 28th, 2023. The event brought together industry peers and experts from different regions to experience the surprises brought by SUNSHINE LIGHTING products!   Attendees were able to directly feel the exquisite appearance design of different series of products, and they could also experience … Read more