Pixel Tube Production Photos

2,700K-10,000K RGBWW, G/M Balance, Dimming: 0-100%, CRI 95, TLCI 95; HUE+SAT, APP built-in 600+ electronic colored papers; Built-in special effects, Built-in Pixel Effect; Single tube control / Master-slave / Remote control /APP / Console/ Computer (madrix software); Built-in battery, Various Dimming Curves; APP interface design: Light grouping, scene presets, dynamic settings   pixel led tube

AXFlex Products

1  RGBWW LumenRadio Matrix Space Lights S4-C (680W), S6-C (1020W), S9-C(1530W), S12-CS200C(2040W), LumenRadio Internal, DMX512- Wired/Wireless – Master/Slave Control, Console Control, Remote Controller, APP Control, PC Control, 12/9/6/4 eyes can be independently controlled and Each head can be disassembled. (Includes: wire rope, white & black cloth, Yoke)   2 RGBWW Single Head Space Light S200C, … Read more