2400W Bi-color LED Space Light

LED Space Light is a 2400W LED replacement for a 12kW traditional Spacelight, commonly used in film and TV studios. 


Equivalent to 12000W Tungsten Fixture

Standard Color Temperature 3200 to 5600K

28″ Diameter, 0 to 100% Dimming

CRI > 97,TLCI>98

Built-In 2.4GHz Wireless DMX

Art-Net function for Choose

USB function for Choose

Main Data:

Max Capacity:   2400W   

Control Signal :  DMX 512

Color Temp:    Adjustable 3200K – 5600K

InPut Voltage:   □175V – 264VAC    □85V – 264VAC

LEDs:    BridgeLux Chip,768PCS

Dimming:  0 – 100%

CRI:     >95

TLCI:    >95

IP:       42

Life Time:  50,000 Hr

led space light
led space light
 LED SpaceLite
LED SpaceLite

Amazon trend and predictions: Selection suggest and analysis tools

Data is for reference only.

Selection suggestion:

1/ Home security and healthcare: Amazon acquired Ring, a startup that specializes in smart doorbells with cameras, and PillPack, an online pharmacy.

2/ Personal Care and Beauty Supplies: Amazon is the largest online retailer of beauty products in the United States, with more than 36% market share, but so far, Amazon is not as good as it is in the fashion market, household goods market and food market.

It is expected that there will be big moves in 2019.

3/ Home and kitchen supplies are the best performers of all categories, with nearly one-fifth of sellers.

Market Suggestion:

1/ Amazon, its biggest competitor in North America is Wal-Mart,including Alibaba’s online giants, is currently looking for offline development.

Therefore, in the United States, Amazon and Wal-Mart are taking a path of mutual integration.Wal-Mart has become the third-largest online e-commerce,is very close to ebay, as the first quarter 2017 data shows.

2/ Global e-commerce sales have been eroding the global retail market. It is reported that by 2021, global e-commerce sales are expected to 17.5% of the total global retail sales.

3/ The Indian market is currently the most eye-catching e-commerce market in the world, the population is large, the economy is developing rapidly, and the future is full of imagination.

4/ Social shopping is on the rise.

5/ Voice e-commerce is coming.

Voice e-commerce refers to the buyer’s transaction with the enterprise through the voice device,such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. This has opened up a new channel for the sales and development of e-commerce companies. It is estimated that by 2020, voice e-commerce will only reach $40 billion in US market.

Amount of time consumers spent on  website/app
Most popular mobile shopping apps in US
Scouting methods by seller's annual sales volume
percentage of Ecommerce revenue coming form Amazon sales
Aware of your position as a brand or seller operating on the platform
Sell's main category
percentage of sales on channels by seller's annual sales volume
getting to know your cusotmers
major problems of Amazon sellers
improve our service
what type of products have visitors purchased on Amazon
selection suggestion
know better of customers 1
know better of customers 2

Analysis tools suggestion:

1/ sellermetrix.com

track your sales, profit and other key data in real time.

2/ camelcamelcamel.com

3/ unicornsmasher.com

4/ sonar-tools.com

5/ amzfinder.com

a free feedback request system for Amazon sellers

6/ amzscout.net

7/ junglescout.com


Small trend, small trend is the trend that affects the trend, the change that brings the change, B2B companies must adapt to online and offline seamless transactions. Can you provide more premium services for your e-commerce customers?

Research report for LED video light, LED photography light

The keyword is “LED video light”, “LED photography light”, HS code:940540

1. Google Trend:

(1)Past 5 years,LED video light is much hotter than LED photography light; the same as past 12 months.

(2)Interest region of led video light list:

Malaysia -Germany -France -Philipines -Italy -Brazil -Netherlands -Indonesia -India -USA -Canada – Australia -UK

(3)Interest region of led photography light list

UK- Australia- Canada-USA- India- Philipines-Germany- Indonesia -Netherlands – Brazil – Italy – France – Malaysia

So,Germany,USA,Netherlands,Canada, Indoesnia,Brazil, Italy,Malaysia,Australia,France ,UK  are the top interest regions.

LED photography light LED video light Explore Google Trends
Past 5 years, interest region for led photography light

led video light trend
Past 1 year, interest region for led video light


2. Google Market Finder

The category is “consumer electronic accessories”, “photos & video accessories”,”photographic & digital arts”, “visual art design”;

Below is the list:

India – Germany -UK -France –Japan –Italy -Brazil -Canada -Australia -Netherlands-Belgium – Turkey(the next list is in the photo)

Each country has some introduction for details. 

Market Finder- photo&video accessories
Market Finder- photo&video accessories


3. UN Comtrade Database

The HS code is just for reference because it is a too wide range, including all lighting and lights fitting, electric.

(1) 2014-2017 China export data show it is a steady demand for HS code: 940540;

(2) 2017, the list is


2015,2016 please check the photos below.

Comtrade data 2014-2017
Comtrade data 2014-2017

Comtrade data 2017
Comtrade data 2017

Comtrade data 2016
Comtrade data 2016

Comtrade data 2015
Comtrade data 2015


4. Export database for reference

“The video light” shows some countries, “The photography light” little data, so it will not show here.

(1) 2013-2018, “LED video light” search  USA is the top, then Ecuador-India-Uruguay;

(2)HS code search,Korea – Germany –Japan – France ;

Export data
Export data

If you need all data page, please contact Sales@AXFlexmat.com.