As an established online wholesaler, ships thousands of orders to the global world. To provide a safe and convenient shopping experience, we presently support up to 3 kinds of secure payment methods: Secure Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer.


PayPal – the safest and convenient payment method

As a worldwide online payment platform, PayPal has become a recognized and safe payment option for most people in the world. Likewise,  We primarily use PayPal to process secure payments.



To pay for your orders, you should select “PayPal” under the Payment Method and then click “Place your order“. Then you will proceed to your PayPal account and finish your order payment.

Credit Card Payment – support Mastercard and Visa, etc.

You can also pay for your orders by credit card directly. For Credit Card Payment, we just support 7 kinds of credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners, Discover, and CB.


Bank Transfer- for Dealer and Group Purchase mainly

To be our dealer or group purchase always means a large amount for each order, so we prefer you to do bank transfer as a commercial deal. You can choose a convenient way to transfer money.