Air Pix

Pixel Carpet Light: 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 2×16, 2×2, 2×4, 2×8, 4×4, 4×8;

RGBWW; App Control; LumenRadio Internal; Wireless DMX;

10+ Special Effects; 600+ Gels; 0-100% Brightness Dimming;

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New Product | Explore Infinite Possibilities

Pixel Air Lux Is Shockingly Launched


1. Air Pix

App Control; LumenRadio Internal; 10+ Special Effects; RGBWW;

600+ Gels; Power Options; 210° light angle; 0-100% Brightness Dimming;

Pixel air lux

Air Pix utilizes the latest LED pixel technology, opening a new journey of exploration.

HUE+SAT color mode, allowing for precise light adjustment and high-quality soft light performance.

This high-end configuration makes your creations even more colorful.

Pixel balloon light

3. Powerful dimming and color tuning technology

Air Pix supports a continuous color temperature adjustment from 2,700k to 10,000k, and 0-100% stepless dimming.

From warm to cool, from bright to soft, it meets creators’ diverse lighting effect needs, unlocking more unique visual effects.

pixel film light

4. High color rendering and high fidelity

High color rendering index CRI/TLCL≥96, which maximizes the needs of professional film and television shooting and realizes the reproduction of the original color of the shooting.

inflatable light

5. Large-area precision control

The Air Pix M48C, paired with the new 800W controller, empowers more exciting content creation.

The controller features multiple lighting effects and dimming curves, allowing easy switching between desired lighting effects, enhancing the vividness and richness of cinematic creations.

film light

6.Flexible and easy control

Equipped with the international mainstream wireless communication module LumenRadio, the PHEON LUX APP enables comprehensive control over mode adjustment, light adjustment, and more.

With all functions at your fingertips, creators can focus more on their artistic endeavors during shooting.

film light

7. The M48C is equipped with a variety of lighting effects.

By adjusting the color, brightness, and rhythm of the LEDs, you can easily create different atmospheric lighting scenes, providing creators with more sources of inspiration.

film light ballast

8. Large-Scale Lightweight Design

The M48C single light can achieve a large area of supplementary lighting effect. despite its large lamp body, it weighs only 6.13kg when folded, making it very easy to carry and transport.

It adapts to different scenes indoors or outdoors, easily meeting various shooting needs.

lightweight design

9. Flexible and Convenient Power Supply

The controller supports both AC power and V-mount power supply, allowing creators to choose the appropriate power supply method according to on-site requirements.

air light power

10. Specification

11. Air Pix

M48C, M28C, M44C, M24C, M22C

M116C, M216C, M18C, M14C

Various control modes;

10+ special effects;

600+ Gels;

Flexible power supply;


0-100% Dimming

air pix

12. Perfect Diffuse Effect

The Air Pix M series inflatable light retains the soft light solution of the original H series, based on the needs of users for soft light.

With a CRI>95 high CRI and soft light accessories, it provides a perfect soft light effect for film and television shooting tasks.

pixel airtube

13. High-Brightness, Stable Light Source

Select RGBWW dimming parameters, supporting a continuous color temperature adjustment from 2,700k to 10,000k, providing a thousand-level film and television light source.

Achieving high-brightness output without flickering, more precise light adjustment, and a super high configuration with more stable performance, making film and television creation even more outstanding

air lux pixel

14. Lightweight and Reliable

Designed with lightweight needs, the M14C weighs only 690g, making it perfect for handheld shooting by creators.

A lightweight and tough material design with a multi-layer pressing process, ensures not only excellent closure but also the ability to be folded into a small size, guaranteeing safety and convenience for both use and transport.

lightweight inflatable light

15.Outstanding Pixel Experience

Pheon Lux achieves pixel-level control during creation through a unique algorithm arrangement.

With built-in lighting and pixel effects, creators can use the control box or PHEON LUX APP to quickly achieve integrated lighting control, creating a stunning atmospheric effect.

pixel effect

16. Easy Inflation & Wide Applicability

The entire series of Air Pix are compatible with both automatic and electric inflatable pumps, Simply insert the pump into the air valve for rapid inflation.

To address challenges like tight spaces or limited room during shoots, creators can choose from a variety of inflatable accessories, making the products more practical and adaptable.

easy inflatable airtube

17. Professional Control for High-Efficiency Experience

Specifically designed for Air Pix, controllers range from 100W to 800W.

Each controller integrates popular international wireless communication modules,  and offers multiple control modes, including DMX512, APP, WIFI, 2.4G, and CRMX.

Comprehensive parameter adjustments and curve selection are all available, fully satisfying professional filmmaking lighting control requirements.

air pix control

18. Diverse Size Options

In addition to inheriting the regular sizes of the full-color H series, the M series have developed new M116C (1×16 feet) and M216C (2×16 feet) models.

While the light panel is extended and enlarged, the brightness remains the same, providing high-quality lighting performance and multiple model options to create more possibilities for film and television lighting creation.

air pix 9 sizes


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