Bi-Color AirTubes

Flynoodle L12B/L14B, Automatic Inflatable Soft Light, 392G Featherweight Flexible Foldable,Automated Inflation System, 2,700-6,000 K Adjustable CCT, 210 ° Large Light-Emitting Angle, Live Studio Mode,5 Controllable Effect, Multiple Power Supply Modes, App Control, Convenient Storage

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Automatic Inflatable Soft Light | FLYNOODLE L12B/14B Bi-Color Flexible AirTube


1. Features:

1) Super Light Featherweight, Soft Light When Turn On

Flynoodle L12B/L14B   Automatic Inflatable Soft Light

392G Featherweight Flexible Foldable

Automated Inflation System

2,700-6,000 K Adjustable CCT

210 ° Large Light-Emitting Angle

Live Studio Mode

5 Controllable Effect

Multiple Power Supply Modes

App Control

Convenient Storage

balloon lights film


2) Multi-Scene Applications

flynoodle balloon lights


3) Reconstruction Soft Light, Creating Unlimited Possibilities

Self-researched Lamp Luminous Angle Up To 210 °, A Small Lamp body easily take care of the overall situation

When inflated, the lamp body is lightweight and soft, capable of lighting up various narrow spaces.

Film & TV Balloon Light


4) Ultra-lightweight, Quick and Convenient Storage

It can be folded freely in 5 seconds

When packed up, occupying minimal space

Storage immediately, take and leave


392g L12B Air Column Weight

783g L14B Air Column Weight

Balloon Light Tube


5) Self-developed system, fast and stable

A new approach that combines advanced computing processing structures with the application scenarios of inflatable lights. We have autonomously developed a plug-and-play fully automated inflation system, which brings a faster fully automated inflation experience. A set of plug-and-play automatic inflation pumps can meet the creative needs of multiple lights.

lighting balloons film and television


6) Small and lightweight, with various functions all in one


The ballast weighs only 181.9g, with dimensions of a mobile phone size.

It has a single button for easy switching and a side scroll wheel for convenient adjustment.

With it, creativity can be unleashed at will.


After 48 hours of inflation, a continuous 48-hour test showed no leakage.

The above data represents average values obtained in the laboratory, and there may be slight variations in actual parameters

AirTube LED Balloon Cinema Lighting.


7) Say goodbye to complexity, one-button switch

FLYNOODLE L12B/ L14B is equipped with a studio mode that allows for parameter memory and plug-and-play functionality, making it easy to control the lighting matrix without the need to individually turn off lights after work.


With a single switch, you can easily manage the lighting setup for roof installation and live broadcasting scenes, eliminating the hassle of manually switching off lights one by one.

light inflatable balloon


8) High CRI, restore the beauty of the original

The latest Bi-color temperature technology, and under any color temperature, the objects being photographed conform to the texture under sunlight, reproducing the texture of sunlight and restoring the real world.

TLCI97   CRI95

balloon lights on set


9) Cool and warm Bi-color, freely adjustable.


The CCT can be adjusted in the range of 2,700-6,000K with smooth and stable dimming, without flickering.

The brightness can be smoothly adjusted from 0-100% at each CCT, making it excellent for completing shooting tasks.

inflatable lighting s


10) Professional console, unlimited control

The ballast integrates multiple control methods. When performing operations such as high-altitude lifting that are inconvenient for manual adjustment, there is no need for complex wiring connections for control. Wireless operation can be easily realized.

Thin-film balloon


11) Diverse power supply, suitable for various venues.

Creators can flexibly change the power supply method according to the requirements of the shooting location, meeting the needs of shooting in all terrains


4 power supply modes:

Mode 1: 220V AC power supply, suitable for use in any region.

Mode 2: V-lock battery power supply, with full power output of 16.8V.

Mode 3: Type-C interface DC power supply, supporting a minimum of 65W PD fast charging with portable chargers.

Mode 4: Type-C interface power supply, supporting PD fast charging protocol for mobile power supplies with full power output.

Event Light Balloonlight


12) Varitey accessories, create more lighting effects

Mobile V-mouth power supply hanging board, can cope with outdoor shooting challenges.

Super magnetic strap, can attach the light to iron objects.

Silent handheld strap, meets the handheld requirements in on-site audio recording situations.

Eggcrate, restricts light area without reducing brightness.

Light control apron, restricts light spill.

DC cable, solves V-mouth battery power supply.

Extension cable, increases the length between the control box and the light.


Film & TV media Balloon Light

13) Technical Parameters:

Film Lighting Balloon

14) Configuration List:

Film & TV Equipment


2. More accessories details please check:

All-In-One Accessories For Airtubes


3. Cases:

More cases please visit our Instagram:


Bi-Color Inflatable Light Cases





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