C-Stand Grip Head Kit: Metal


Impact Turtle Base C-Stand Kit: Sliding-leg C-stand + 3″ Grip heads with Arm +Century Stand

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The Metal Silver C-stand Grip Head Kit includes:

Sliding-leg C-stand + 3″ Grip heads with Arm +Century Stand


Separated / Adjustable for option


The base C-stand can be separated from the center tube for convenient storage and transportation

Impact Century C Stand Kit



Century Stand with Sliding Leg, Grip Head, Arm



Independent sliding top leg adjustment for leveling on uneven terrain.

The unique staggered leg design of a C-Stand allows it to be nested and placed extremely close to one another on a set. The top leg of the stand is independently adjustable.


20'' C Stand Kits 30'' C Stand Kits 40'' C-Stand Grip Head Kit 46'' Heavy Duty C Stand Kit

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Separated 20'', Separated 30'', Separated 40'', Separated 46'', Adjustable 20'', Adjustable 30'', Adjustable 40'', Adjustable 46''


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