Large Area OverHead Light

3mx3m, 3500W, 1,600 pixel, RGBWW 2,700-10,000K, brightness adjustable, manual control, wired DMX512, wireless DMX, wireless console DMX control, TLCI 97 CRI 95, CRMX, 2.4G, WIFI, Luminair, BlackOut, Sunshine Lighting App

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1. Induction: SkyMat F350C

3mx3m , AC100-240V, weight 24.4KG / set, maximum power consumption 3500W, whole lamp 1,600 pixel units (each unit 9 full colour LED pixels); color temperature adjustable from 2,700-10,000K, brightness adjustable from 0-100%, manual control, wired DMX512 control, wireless DMX control, wireless console DMX control WI-FI TLCI > 97 CRI > 95


(1) AC Power CON 32A

(2) DMX(In and Out) XLR-5pin

(3) LAN / Ethernet, RJ45

(4) USB Type-A.

Support: MADRIX software; Madmapper software; Luminair software; Blackout software; SUNSHINE APP, etc.


Configuration list

1 light head, 1 control ballast, 1 set egg grid / soft cloth / skirt, 1pcs 8m power cable, 1pcs 5-core signal line, 1pcs network signal cable, 1pcs 4x4m mat,1pcs steel rope,1 fixed bracket,1pcs PC aviation case


2. Features:

Adjustable G/M±100 red-green balance; a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K to 10000K; 0% to 100% stepless dimming.

High CRI/TLCI ≥95 high color rendering and a variety of dimming curve options.

HUE+SAT color adjustment mode, RGBWY (parameter dimming) with 16 million color options.

Built-in 600+ electronic color GEL in the app for flexible and convenient color adjustments.

Multiple built-in effects, making it easy to create various atmospheres and lighting effects without the need for a console, reducing the complexity of creative work. Effects include flickering, paparazzi, short circuit, police lights, flames, rainbow, and more.

Various control methods: single lamp, master-slave, remote control, app, console, and computer (Madrix software).

Intuitive and user-friendly interface design: easy management of light groups, scene presets, and dynamic settings, making it effortless to handle.


3. Specification:

Voltage Input Range: 100 – 220V,50 – 60 Hz

Power Consumption: MAX 3,500W

Pixels: 1,600 Pixels

Lamp Type: RGBWW

White Light: 2700K~10000K continuously adjustable

Colored Light: Full RGB color gamut with Hue and Saturation control

Color Rendering: Average CRI>95, Average TLCI >97

Green-Magenta-Adjustment: Continuously adjustable (Full Minus- to Full Plus green)

Dimming: 0-100% continuous smooth Dimming


Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, 2.4G, LumenRadio, CRMX

Control Options: On-Board Controller,APP Controller, 2.4G Controller, CRMX Controller,DMX 512,Art-Net

Connectors: 1x AC powerCON 32A,2x DMX (in and out) LR-5pin,2x LAN/Ethernet, RJ45,1x USB Type-A

Size(Lamp Body): 3m*3m

Weight: 24.41kg

Working Temperature: -20°C-40°

IP Rate: IP20

LED Life Expectancy: 20,000 Hours


4. Description:

New large-scale cinema-grade lighting fixture, the Sky Lux (F350C), has officially launched.

With an ultra-large output power of 3500W and control of up to 1600 pixel points, it provides strong light sources and future lighting needs for the cinema lighting industry.


1) Extremely high brightness output

High-precision RGBWW LED light with continuous color temperature adjustment from 2,700k to 10,000k, providing stable and balanced dimming in thousand levels,full-color mixed white light for creators.

high brightness output

2) Exceptional High Color Rendering Index

With an exceptional Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 95 and a TLCI surpassing 97, delivers the highest fidelity color reproduction, ensuring your film and video footage retain their true, vibrant hues.

high CRI

3) Super Large-Scale Pixel Control

Advanced LED technology and flexible materials are used to arrange pixels in a design, 16 units can be freely spliced to form a 3m x 3m super-large luminous surface.

The wide and soft light quality is combined with precise lighting control. It can be installed horizontally or vertically to easily meet the needs of various scenes.

Pixel Control

4) High Freedom Pixel Segmentation Mode

Using a user-friendly UI, a Sky Lux can be divided into a variable number of pixels, which can meet the lighting accuracy requirements of different scenes and reduce the difficulty of lighting control for lighting engineers.

In addition, the direction of the pixel matrix can be adjusted arbitrarily, so the Sky Lux can be fixed in any direction, and the specific use direction can be adjusted through software.

pixel control

5) Flexible and diverse control

The system includes an international wireless communication module, LumenRadio, provides stable and interference-resistant signals, which meets the needs of different environmental applications.

The system also supports wired and wireless control, including Art-Net, DMX512, CRMX and Wi-Fi.

F350C control

6)Imagination and creativity soar together

Incorporates a variety of lighting effects,reduces the difficulty of creation,provides a wide range of color options and flexible lighting control settings,While also exploring their imagination and creativity,

Also creates a variety of atmospheric lighting schemes for different spaces.

F350C effect

Dimming controllers specifically designed for the Sky Lux, A simple and intuitive user interface. Support for multiple communication protocols, fast response to control signals.

HUE+SAT color adjustment,Multiple dimming curves and 600+ Gels, can help users to create the perfect lighting environment for any occasion.

F350 ballast

Weighing in at just 24.4kg, these large-scale film and television Sky Lux are crafted from durable materials for a slim, foldable design.

They easily pair with various light control accessories like eggcrates to meet the lighting needs of diverse large-scene setups.

foldable F350C

5. Effect:

full-color overhead light

overhead lighting

flexible top light


Sky Lux

Overhead film light



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