LED Space Light 2400W (Bi-Color) Hanging Set

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The unique and innovative LED space Light produces over 288,000 hot lumens of high CRI Bi-color light which is variable from 3200 kelvin to 5600-kelvin convection cooled for silent running.

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Bi-color led space light 2400w 

The 2400w space light fixture has been designed as a true replacement for conventional 12,000w Tungsten Fixture;

Its bright and soft light in groups up high in the ceiling which means you can get it with fewer space lights for the same amount of coverage.

Replace traditional halogen directly

The space fixture has an easy-to-read and informative LCD display on the back allowing easy access to truly professional data.

The light can also be controlled via DMX, Wireless DMX control, 2.4GB USB, and a power switch.

Space light control box:
Bi-color, DMX, Wireless DMX, touch LCD display to touch CCT&Brightness

It is very well built all metal classic pretty premium piece of tech with nice grab handles right here.

So we have a pretty deep heat sink, there is a fan inside the power supply, you can see it’s vented holes at the top; we’ve done several things including the passive system, All that to make sure that the airflow is decent around it.

LED space light design

Every space light fixture goes through extensive quality controls including a 48-hour burning to assure uninterrupted operation.

LED space light accessories

Optional accessories include white silk and target kit black miniskirt soft egg crate and hanging options include the standard yoke and a low-profile hanging bracket.


Every product is worth redoing, affordable prices from sourcing China.


led space light

led space light

led space light

led space light design

led space light introduction

led space light introduction

Additional information

Weight38 kg
Dimensions76 × 20 × 20 cm


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