LED Space Light 950w


LED space light 950W, > 90lm/ W, 2700-6000K adjustable, dimming 0-100%, manual and wired DMX512 control, 4pcs head can be controlled independently.

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LED Space light 950W 4 heads Bi-color;

Control features: LCD display control, wireless 2.4G remote control, DMX512 protocol
wired control, master and slave control, self-contained lighting effects, console can
be programmed.

Lighting features: Color temperature 2700-6000K adjustable, CRI> 95, TLCI> 95, > 5M color temperature deviation +-100K.

What’s in the box?

1x LED Space Light
1x Power cable
1x Signal cable
1x Wire Rope
1x Yoke Bracket + White & Black cloth


1. Display introduces:

led space light control board

led space light control board

1)- pairing and unpairing buttons. Clicking pairing on host; pressing and holding 5S on slave, the green light flashing indicates that cancel pairing is successful.
2)- wireless switch indicator. Blue light is always on, indicating that wireless is on, blue light is off,
indicating that wireless is off.
3)- communication indicator, green light.
2 and 3 are combined, blue and green lights are always on, indicating that slave is successfully paired; blue
light is always on and the green light is blinking, indicating that slave is waiting for pairing;
4) – USB upgrade software interface.
5) – display shows the status of the fixture.
6) – “+” button indicates that the value is increased and the menu is scrolled up.
7)- “√” button indicates that the data button is confirmed and entered.
8)- “-” button indicates that the value is reduced and the menu is scrolled down.


led space light menu

led space light menu

2. Menu Introduction:

Ø Brightness: 0-100% Unit: 1%
Ø CCT:  From 2700k to 6000k,Unit: 100k
Ø GEL: 2700K-3200K-5600K
Ø H1-H4: H1-Brightness, H1 Color Temperature, H2-Brightness, H2 Color Temperature, H3-Brightness, H3 Color Temperature, H4-Brightness, H4 Color Temperature H4,

Viewed from the front of the lamp, H1 indicates the upper left corner lamp head (first), H2-H4 counterclockwise sequential lamp head, H2 is the lower-left corner lamp head, H3 is the lower right corner lamp head, H4 is the upper right corner lamp head, and the brightness of H1-H4 is independently adjusted And color temperature.

Ø Set up: DMX(address,Profile), M&S(Master,Slave,Off) ,Wireless(ID,On/Off)
Language(CN indicates Chinese, EG indicates English), Reset, About(Version, Hours)

1)The brightness, CCT, and H1-H4 brightness and CCT post-adjustment have priority.
The brightness and CCT of the main menu are the unified brightness and CCT of the four lamp heads.

2) Reset: Perform reset to power off and re-power on.
After power-on, the status is: brightness 100%, color temperature 3200K, H1-H4 100%, H1-H4 3200K, DMX address 1, Profile 1, slave, wireless (ID 1, on), language CN, Fan 2

3) After resetting, the slave cancels pairing with the previous Master, waiting for pairing.
4) Profile: Please see the below details. 3.Wireless pairing:
1) Setting the host: Turn on the wireless switch, M&S, as the Master.
2) Setting the slave: Press and hold the pairing button for 5s, cancel the pairing, turn on the wireless switch, M&S,
set as slave.
3) Clicking the pairing button on master and waits for 5-10S. Slave follows the change of Master and pairs
successfully. If slave does not match successfully, please operate slave again to cancel the pairing, and then press
Master pairing.
4) Slave displays the following wireless interface and can also follow the Master change, indicating that the
Wired DMX connection:
the connection is successful.
Set as slave, wireless shutdown, set the required profile and DMX address, default Profile 1 and DMX address 1, then
connect the DMX signal line, turn on the console light tube, if display interface displays the DMX interface as shown
below, indicating that the connection is successful.


led space light dmx

led space light dmx


1) ID 001 indicates the product number.
2) ADD 001 indicates DMX channel 001.
3) P1 01 indicates Profile 1.
4) DMX512 indicates it has been linked with the DMX console.
5) K indicates the wireless signal strength. 4 cells indicate strong signal, 1 cell indicates weak signal instability.


led space light 950w profile

led space light 950w profile

Additional information

Weight26 kg
Dimensions70 × 60 × 30 cm
Watt and accessories

950w spacelite with accessories, 950w spacelite + DMX wireless control


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