RGB LED Video Tube

Film Level G/M HUE SAT GEL 2,700-10,000K RGB Tube Light, CRI97 TLCI98,Dimmable,  Effects, Wireless DMX/ MS /App Control

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Film Level G/M HUE SAT GEL 2,700-10,000K RGB Tube Light, CRI97 TLCI98, Dimmable, Effects, Wireless DMX/ MS /App Control

Color: 2700-10000K adjustable, can be fine-tuned G, and even adjust the color temperature of traditional candle lights 1700K; RGB full-color gamut can be adjusted (HUE, Saturation); RGBYW five colors can be independently adjusted.


Effect: With pre-programmed special effects in a simple-to-master menu system, Effects include: Brightness,Rate,Strobe,Paparazzi,Shortout,Cop car1,Cop car2,Fire,Rainbow, etc


Control: Operation panel supports English display supports wired DMX/ wireless DMX, multi-lamp synchronous control (both wired and wireless), Support App control.


Package: 1 x RGBYW LED tube(no battery),1 x Power Cable;

One-Year Warranty for refund and lifetime after-sale service. We always offer warm and satisfied customer service.



Color Temperature:2,700-10,000K

Color Accuracy Standard: CRI >96 | TLCI>96

Dimming: 0-100%

Fixture Dimensions: 2ft 686x44mm / 4ft 1262x44mm / 8ft 2413x44mm

Watt:25W /50W / 100W

AC Input Power: Neutrik provides AC100-240V

Control: Wired / Wireless DMX to adjust brightness and color temperature

Wired DMX to adjust brightness and color temperature
Wireless DMX (Support AC100-240V charging)


2.Menu Introduction:

Brightness: 0-100%,Unit: 1%

CCT: From 2700k to 10000k,Unit: 100k

G/M: 100M-0G-100G, Unit: 1G/M
HUE: Hue (Color) 0°-359°,Unit: 1°
SAT: Saturation 0-100%,Unit: 1%

GEL:1700K-2000K-2700K-3200K-5600K-Red-Green-Blue-Magenta-Yellow- Orange

RGBW: R-G-B-W(6000K)-Y(2700K)

Effect: Brightness、Rate,Strobe,Paparazzi, Shortout,Cop car1,Cop car2 ,Fire,Rainbow
Set up: DMX(address,Profile), M&S(Master,Slave,Off) ,Wireless(ID,On/Off) Language(CN indicates Chinese, EG indicates English), Reset, About(Version of software, duration)


3.Wireless pairing:

1) Setting the host: Turn on the wireless switch, M&S, as the Master.
2) Setting the slave: Press and hold the pairing button for 5s, cancel the pairing, turn on the wireless switch, M&S, set as slave.

3) Clicking the pairing button on Master and waits for 5-10S. Slave follows the change of Master and pairs successfully. If the slave does not match successfully, please operate the slave again to cancel the pairing, and then press Master pairing.
4)Slave displays the following wireless interface and can also follow the Master change, indicating that the Wired DMX connection: connection is successful.


4 Control:

1) Remote control: group control, brightness control, color control, color temperature control; wireless control
2) Wireless DMX control: connect DMX512 console to control the tubes

3) App control: Signal enhancement for APP control


Additional information


2ft 25W, 4ft 50W, 8ft 100W, Wireless DMX controller & App controller


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