RGBW LED Space Light

led space light, 2000W, sRGB 1,000K-20,000K, Wired/ Wireless DMX512,  Master-Slave Control Mode, Scene Control; 89 kinds light color & effect internal.

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RGBW LED Space light

Technical details:

Item: SLRGB12

Input: AC100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power: 2000W

Power input interface: 3 lines

Communication: DMX512 signal input: 5-pin Canon Connector

DMX512 signal output: 5-pin Canon Connector

Frenquency: 2.4GHz

Color: 1,000K~20,000K, sRGB

Beam angle: 30 °

CRI : >96+

Lamp head: all lamps color temperature and brightness adjustment,

and independent color temperature adjustment for single lamp head

IP Rate: IP20

Control: Panel/ DMX512 console remote operation

Brightness adjustment: 0~100% brightness adjustment




1. sRGB 1,000-20,000K, CRI96, CCI=0

2. 89 kinds color cards

3. Automatic wireless transceiver; Wired & Wireless Control

4. Scenes control, Master-slave control

5. 2-CHANNEL all lamps unified control mode ;

24-CHANNEL independent lamp control mode;

27-CHANNEL full function control mode(Double heads as unit control);

6. Effect: Blink, Breath, Rotate lighting, CCT drift, Fire and all lamps independent

7. 0-100% brightness, 10,000 step smooth adjustment, speed control response



1. Independent control of dual lamp head

Each group(2) uses 2 DMX channels for independent brightness and color temperature control

2. No flicker at full frame rate

No need to modify any settings, no flicker at any frame rate

3. Quick response dimming control

Fast follow-up response with minimal delay, adapt to intense control scenes of lighting effects

4. Smooth dimming

1/10000 steps smooth and soft dimming 0-100%

5. No color temperature drift

High-precision light color calibration to ensure no drift of color temperature in the dimming range of 3%-100%

6. Built-in DMX512 signal amplifier

Signal amplifier for each light, an unlimited number of lights can be cascaded without termination

7. Effect

Blick, Breathe, Rotate, Lightning, Drift, Fire, Indept


space light operation

space light operation


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