RGBWW LED Space Light 740W


LED Space Light RGBWW, 740W, 2,700-10,000K adjustable, dimming 0-100%, manual and wired/wireless DMX512 control, App control, lighting effect, 4pcs head can be controlled independently.

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LED Space light 740W RGBWW;

Control features: OLED display control, wireless remote control, Wireless wired DMX512 protocol
wired control, App control, master and slave control, Lighting effects, console can be programmed.

Lighting features: Color temperature 2,700-10,000K adjustable, CRI> 95, TLCI> 95


What’s in the box?

1x LED Space Light
1x Power cable
1x Signal cable
1x Wire Rope
1x Yoke Bracket + White & Black cloth



  1. CCT 2700-10000K adjust, Brightness 0-100% adjustment,TLCI>95,CRI>95
  2. HUE360° adjust,Saturation 0-100% adjust
  3. OLED display,easy operation
  1. DMX 512 wireless & wired
  2. DMX512 support each head control
  3. Single head control, multi-heads combination, master-slave control, remote control control, wireless DMX512 transmitter control, APP control
  1. Includes wire rope, black&white cloth, Yoke blacket
  2. Option: remote control, Wireless DMX control, eggcrate


BRI: 0-100%

CCT: 2700K-10000K

G/M: 100M-0G-100G

HUE: ( RGB)0°-359°

SAT:  Saturation 0-100%

GEL: 1700K-2000K-2700K-3200K-5600K-Red-Green-Blue-Magenta-Yellow- Orange

RGB: R-G-B-W(6000K)-Y(2700K)


Brightness,Rate,Strobe,Paparazzi , Shortout,Cop car1,Cop car2 Fire,CopLight3,CopLight4,Rainbow2, Meteor,Meteor_W,Random


DMX(Address,Profile),MS(Master/Slave/Transit),Mode(Auto/Wired/Wireless),Curve(Logarithmic/linear/exponential/none),LAN(CN Chinese,EG English),Switch(ON/OFF),Reset,About(Software version, data version, usage time, upgrade)

RGBWW LED Space Light 740W Introduction

led space light production

led space light produce

spacelite aging

spacelite aging









Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions72 × 62 × 32 cm
740w RGBW Spacelite

Spacelite, eggcrate, Flight case


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