Wireless Pixel Tube


4 feet 16 pixels, built-in battery, support master-slave, APP, wired, wireless, support Madrix software control. Color temperature 2,700-10,000K, TLCI 96, CRI 96, support +-green built-in color wheel, color paper, pixel effect, built-in dimming curve selection (exponential, linear, logarithmic), built-in light library, support remote firmware upgrade.

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Function parameter:

*2 feet/4 feet/8 feet;
*2ft_8 pixels; 4ft_16 pixels; 8ft_32 pixels;
*Color display panel, support Chinese and English display;
*Built-in Lumenradio CRMX communication module;
*Built-in WIFI module, support wireless Art-net;
*Support Luminair, MADRIX and other software control;
*Support wireless DMX/RDM, wired DMX/RDM;
*Support APP control;
*Support multi-lamp synchronous control (wired and wireless);
*The adjustable range of color temperature is 2,700K~10,000K, TLCI >96;CRI> 96;
*Support ±G adjustment, saturation adjustment, HUE color wheel;
*Built-in multiple pixel effects
*Built-in dimming curve selection (exponential, linear, logarithmic);
*Built-in light library selection,
*Support USB and wireless firmware upgrade;
*Built-in TYPE-C charging interface;
*Support QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0 fast charge protocol,
*Support normal mobile phone fast charging adapter and mobile power charging;
*Support charging path management to ensure the maximum power charging of the battery;
*Built-in large-capacity battery, 100% brightness for 2 hours;
*Support battery temperature protection, improve battery life;


* The built-in battery pack supports flushing and discharging.
* 3200K (100% brightness, full power) can work for 2.5Hours, fast charge charging time is 3-3.5Hours (light off state).
* The CCT is continuously adjustable from 2,700-10,000K, the brightness is continuously adjustable from 0-100 TLCI96 CRI96.

* HUE 360° adjustable phase, saturation 0-100% adjustable.
* Color display, easy to operate buttons.
* Support wired DMX512 and wireless DMX512 control.
* 16 pixels, which can be controlled individually.

* Support WIFI, 2.4G, Art Net, DMX RDM; use LumenRadio.
* Single light control, multi-light combination master-slave control, remote control, console control, APP control, etc.
* Includes: 8 tubes(2ft, 4ft), 1 remote control, 8 triangle brace 3/8, 8 rings, 1 pcs 1take8 charger, 1pcs 1M 5pins-mini 5pins cable, 1pcs signal line and waterproof hard case.


Sunshine Pixel Tube Introduction





Pixeltube connect diagram

Pixel tube connect diagram

Additional information


2ft 8pcs 8 group pixels, 4ft 8pcs 16 group pixels, 8ft 4pcs 32 groups pixels


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