Wireless Pixel Tube

4 feet 16 pixels, built-in battery, support master-slave, APP, wired, wireless, support Madrix software control. Color temperature 2,700-10,000K, TLCI 96, CRI 96, support +-green built-in color wheel, color paper, pixel effect, built-in dimming curve selection (exponential, linear, logarithmic), built-in light library, support remote firmware upgrade.

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1. Function parameter:

* 16W/32W/64W;
* 2 feet/4 feet/8 feet;
* 600mm/1200mm/2400mm,;
* 2ft_8 pixels; 4ft_16 pixels; 8ft_32 pixels;
* Color display panel, support Chinese and English display;
* Built-in Lumenradio CRMX communication module;
* Built-in WIFI module, support wireless Art-net;
* Support Luminair, MADRIX and other software control;
* Support wireless DMX/RDM, wired DMX/RDM;
* Support APP control;
* Support multi-lamp synchronous control (wired and wireless);
* The adjustable range of color temperature is 2,700K~10,000K, TLCI >96;CRI> 96;
* Support ±G adjustment, saturation adjustment, HUE color wheel;
* Built-in multiple pixel effects
* Built-in dimming curve selection (exponential, linear, logarithmic);
* Built-in light library selection,
* Support USB and wireless firmware upgrade;
* Built-in TYPE-C charging interface;
* Support QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0 fast charge protocol,
* Support normal mobile phone fast charging adapter and mobile power charging;
* Support charging path management to ensure the maximum power charging of the battery;
* Built-in large-capacity battery, 100% brightness for 2 hours;
* Support battery temperature protection, improve battery life;

2. Features:

* The built-in battery pack supports flushing and discharging.
* 3200K (100% brightness, full power) can work for 2.5Hours, fast charge charging time is 3-3.5Hours (light off state).
* The CCT is continuously adjustable from 2,700-10,000K, the brightness is continuously adjustable from 0-100 TLCI96 CRI96.

* HUE 360° adjustable phase, saturation 0-100% adjustable.
* Color display, easy to operate buttons.
* Support wired DMX512 and wireless DMX512 control.
* 16 pixels, which can be controlled individually.

* Support WIFI, 2.4G, Art Net, DMX RDM; use LumenRadio.
* Single light control, multi-light combination master-slave control, remote control, console control, APP control, etc.
* Includes: 8 tubes(2ft, 4ft), 1 remote control, 8 triangle brace 3/8, 8 rings, 8 pcs chargers, 1pcs 1M 5pins-mini 5pins cable, 1pcs signal line and waterproof hard case.

3. Description:

1) Wireless Pixel TubeTechnology or Operation Experience, All Upgraded

Beautiful, Easy To Use, Fresher

wireless pixel tube (9)

2) CCT: 2,700K-10,000K

Dimming: 0-100%

CRI>95, TLCI>95

G/M Balance: +-100% Adjustment

Battery Internal

Special Effects

Pixel Effects

Wireless Control: APP/ Remote control/PC/ Master-slave/ Console

wireless pixel tube (10)

3) Comes with a soft light surface for soft light without a soft light accessory

Can hide light, a linear light like a mirror, providing infinite possibilities for creation

CCT: 2,700K-10,000K, Wide CCT, Switch Freely

G/M Balance: +-100% Adjustment-Calibrate Set Lighting

Stepless Dimming: 0-100%,Smooth & Accurate

CRI 95, TLCI 95,Color Mixing Technology

wireless pixel tube (1)

4) HUE+SAT color mode

Unimaginable 36,000 colors, RGBWY (parametric dimming) ,16 million colors

The APP built-in 600+ electronic colored papers, no need to carry colored papers

Freely change brightness without brightness loss

wireless pixel tube (2)

5) Special Effect Mode

With a variety of built-in special effects, you can easily create various atmospheres and lighting effects without a console

Storm, Paparazzi, Short circuit, Police light, Flame, Rainbow

wireless pixel tube (3)

6) Built-in Pixel Effect for more creativity

Rainbow flowing,One-way streamer, Round-trip streamer, Double streamer, Music 1, Music 2, Random color,

Random streamer, Starlight, Mode2, Stack, Color jump, Color streamer.

wireless pixel tube (4)

7) Control Mode:

Single tube control / master-slave /remote control /APP /console/ computer (madrix software)

Rich and flexible control methods bring high creative freedom Pixel-level control, unlimited control experience, and bring creativity into reality.

wireless pixel tube (5)

8) Built-in battery

Anytime, anywhere, wonderful performance

Powered by AC adapter in available configuration

It can also be powered by the built-in lithium battery when there is no power supply

Up to 2-3 hours of battery life, easy to solve outdoor shooting

wireless pixel tube (6)

9) Various Dimming Curves

Linear curve: smooth and even proportional brightness adjustment.

Exponential curve: can be finely adjusted in low-light areas, with cameras with increasing sensitivity.

Alignment curve: simulate the dimming curve of the lamp, finely adjust in the strong light area.

wireless pixel tube (7)

10) Intuitive and easy APP interface design

Light grouping, scene presets, dynamic settings

Wireless programming via APP, wireless LumenRadio or wired DMX, making it flexible to meet your setup requirements

In the APP, you can write pipelines to remember complex scenes, repeatedly and quickly create groups of lights and assign positions to them

Attached DMX/RDM technology to support wireless upgrade of equipment

wireless pixel tube (8)



4. Technical parameter:

Pixel Tubes Specification
Angle120°(Field of view180 °)
Quantity8 Pixels16 Pixels32 Pixels
DC Input PowerPD Charge /DC20V/DC15V/DC9V/DC5V
Expected Lamp LifeBattery life 1000 times of charge and discharge/lamp life 10000H
Battery Lifetime70% remaining after 300 cycles
Battery Worktime20 Hours(Maximum power 3 hours)
Charging time3 Hours4  Hours5  Hours
Input Voltage5V-20V
Wireless Module865-870MHZ
Wireless Range2.4G/Bluetooth/Lumenradio
CRMX ReceiverInternal
Supporting AgreementCRMX/G3/G4S
CoverPolycarbonate/metal plug
Fixture MountsPipe Clamp 3/8   Ring
IP RatingIP40


5. Pixel tube connect diagram

Pixeltube connect diagram

space light, pixel tube connect 1

space light, pixel tube connect 2

space light, pixel tube connect 3

6. Wireless Pixel Tubes Profile

Wireless Pixel Tubes & LumenRadio Space Light Profile

7. Wireless Pixel Tubes Real Cases

Wireless Pixel Tube Cases

8. Pixel Tubes Production Photos:

Pixel Tube Production Photos

9. Details

1) Tube Control

wireless pixel tube detail

(1) ON/OFF:Long press to turn on or turn off;

(2) Pairing button: Long press to cancel pairing, short press for pairing;

(3) Indicator light: Green means slave (flashing means no DMX signal, always on means with DMX signal,

Blue means master, Red means it is charging;

(4) Display: The status of tube;

(5) Control button:“+” Up,“-” Down,“ √” Confirm or Return;

(6) USB Type-C connector: The charging interface DC5V/9V/12V/20V;

also the wired DMX signal interface (demand converter)


2) Function

wireless pixel tube function

(1) BRI: 0-100%, Unit 1%

(2) CCT: 2,700-10,000K, Unit100K

(3) G/M: 100M-0G-100G, Unit 1G/M

(4) HUE: HUE 0°-359°,Unit 1°

(5) SAT: Saturation 0-100%,Unit 1%

(6) GEL:

Fixed color, brightness adjustment 1700K-2000K-2700K-3200K-5600K-Red-Green-Blue-Magenta

pixel tube GEL

(7) RGBW: RGB-W(6000K)-Y(2700K)

pixel tube RGBW


(8) Normal effects: Brightness, Speed, Color (Default, Custom, Random, Rainbow), Continue/Pause , Strobe, Paparazzi, Shortout, Cop car1, Cop car2, Fire. Rainbow, breathe.

pixel tube normal effect

(9) Color (custom) mode adjustment: ① Select Normal effect. ② Select Fire effect. ③Select Custom in Color. ④Select Back to enter the first level interface. ⑤ Adjust the parameters of brightness, color temperature, G/M, HUE, Saturation, Fixed color and RGBW based on Fire effect.

Note: Some effects do not include custom mode.

Pixel Tube Color Mode Adjustment

(10) Pixel Effect: Brightness, Speed, Color (default, custom, random, rainbow), Continue/pause, Rainbow,meteor1, Meteor2, Meteor3, Music1, Music2, Random, Random2, Random3, Stars, CopCar3, CopCar4, Mode2, Pile up, Pile up2;

①Select the pixel effect. ② Select the Rainbow effect. ③ Select Rainbow color in Color. ④ Select Brightness and adjust the parameters. ⑤Select speed and adjust the parameter. ⑥Select Pause to stop

pixel tube pixel effect

(11) Color (custom) mode adjustment: ① Select Pixel Effect. ② Select Rainbow effect. ③Select Custom in Color. ④ Select Back to enter the first level interface. ⑤You can adjust the parameters of brightness, Color temperature, G/M, HUE, Saturation, Fixed color and RGBW based on Rainbow effect.

Note: Some effects do not include custom mode

Pixel effect color mode adjustment


(12) Setting: 

DMX: DMX address (1-512), pixel group (the tube is divided into several pixel control), configuration table (1-11) , number of channels (the number of channels occupied by the configuration table) …… (the meaning of each channel of the configuration table).

Control mode:

OFF, DMX512 Transmit, DMX512 Receive, 2.4G Transmit (Number of Devices, ID, Current Channel) , 2.4G Receive (Status, Domain, Connected to host, ID, Current Channel), CRMX Classic ( Status, ID), APP (WIFI, Password, Number of devices, Domain, ID Current Channel).

Number: 1 , 0-255 for APP use;

Curve: logarithmic, linear, exponential, none;

Language: CN for Chinese, EN for English; Screen brightness: 0-100%;

Status light: ON, Off;

Reset: Restore the configuration to factory settings;

About: Software Information; Usage time.


3) Remote control

remote control

(1) Brightness: 0-100%;
(2) CCT: 2700-10000K;
(3) G/M: 100M-0G-100G, unit 1G/M
(4) HUE: hue (color) 0°-359°, unit 1°;
(5) SAT: Saturation (saturation) 0-100%, the unit is 1%;
(6) GEL: same as T32M
(7) RGBW: R-G-B-W(6000K)-Y(2700K)
(8) Effect: Same as T32M
(9) Pixel effect: Same as T32M
(10) Curve: logarithmic, linear, exponential, none;
(11) DMX address: 1-512
(12) Pairing
(13) Settings


4) Control connection:

(1) Lamp A (Host 2.4G transmitting) —– Lamp B (Slave 2.4G receiving)

(2) Remote controller (2.4G) —— Lamp (Slave 2.4G receive)

(3) Mobile phone (WIFI) —— Remote controller (APP) —— Lamp (Slave 2.4G)

(4) Mobile phone (WIFI) —— Lamp (APP)

(5) Mobile phone (WIFI) —— Lamp A (APP) —— Lamp B (Slave 2.4G)

(6) Console (Wired connection) —- Remote control (CRMX Classic) —- Lamp (Slave CRMX Classic)

(7) Console (WIFI) —— Remote controller (APP) ——- Lamp (Slave 2.4G)

(8) Console (WIFI) —— Lamp A (APP) —- Lamp B (Slave 2.4G)

(9) Lamp A (DMX512 transmit) —– Lamp B (DMX512 receive) Wired connection

(10) Console (wired connection) —– Lamp (DMX512 receive)


5) App Download:


(1) Device group control
When connecting multiple tubes, the tubes can be grouped to achieve the effect of multi-tubes multi-control and multi-tubes centralized control.

(2) Basic dimming of tubes
Adjust parameters such as color temperature, addition and subtraction green, hue, saturation, etc.

(3) Normal special effects playback
In the normal special effect mode, you can let the tubes play some simple special effects, such as: flashing, warning, and running water, and the color of some special effects can also be customized.

(4) Pixel effect playback
In pixel effect mode, you can combine tubes into one tube to play special effects, such as making two 2ft tubes into a 4ft tube, and playing special effects on it. Pixel effects also have more adjustable parameters.

(5) Special effects engineering
In this mode, the user can create a playlist, after setting the special effects to be played and the playing time, the tubes will automatically switch the special effects according to the playing time.

(6) Device management
Users can modify the parameters of each connected device, including modifying the DMX address, profile, fixture number, and working mode, and can reset or shut down the fixtures in batches.



Android App

Android App

Android App











10. Q&A:

1) Does this kit come with a charger for the tubes?

The image indicated that it comes with the charger.

Built-in TYPE-C charging interface;

Support QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0 fast charge protocol,

Support normal mobile phone fast charging adapter and mobile power charging;


2) Does this charger act as a power supply as well? For instance can I run the tube all day at full power using this?

It will act as a power supply, but it is not recommended to do so when Completely power off, 2700K, 100% brightness, the tube may overheat.

3) Can the tubes be controlled by the app only? Or is the CRMX Transmitter Box required to control the lights?

1pcs pixel tube can connect to App, can test the App function;

If you want to connect DMX console, need our DMX controller;

If you want to test LumenRadio, also need our DMX controller.

DMX controller for pixel tubes

DMX controller for pixel tubes


4) Weight of the 8 tubes with charging box?

Package Dimension is 154x48x22cm,33kg.

Battery internal and 1.2m length.


5) Is it waterproof?

IP40 waterproof.

An IP40 rating will prevent insects from getting into the lights, but there is no protection from moisture


6) What is the expected lifespan of a tube? (i.e how many years do you expect to get from them from regular usage)

Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours LED Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

7) How long does the battery last? at 50% and at 100%?

The following item is rated for 20-Hour Runtime at 50% that would give you 10 hr of use based on manufactures specs


8) Is this the newest version with Bluetooth Bridge?

Can use the Blooth Bridge but not direct. So it does not have it built in.

You can use the DMX controller (included) by simply pointing it at individual lights to set the desired effect .

The downloadable App is an efficient way to quickly create a customized light show using your smart device.

It can group several lights together, address individual lights or groups of lights, and send complex effects with a user-defined color palette to all lights in range.

The light can also be controlled by CRMX (wireless DMX), as the built-in receiver is compatible with all LumenRadio CRMX transmitters.

9) What comes in the kit?

8 tubes(2ft, 4ft), 1 remote control, 8 triangle brace 3/8, 8 rings, 8 pcs chargers, 1pcs 1M 5pins-mini 5pins cable, 1pcs signal line and waterproof hard case.


10) How do I connect tube to the app?

Long press the power button to turn the tube on

Green light blinking indicates not connected

Adjust the tube connection mode to APP mode

Confirm wifi name

Mobile phone connected to tube wifi

Open mobile App

Open device management

Click Pairing

The green light is always on, the connection is successful

11) How do I update the tube?

Support USB and wireless firmware upgrade;

12) How do I pair my tubes?

If use the remote control, Need to change the connection mode to 2.4G

Change the remote control connection mode to 2.4G

Click Pairing

The green light is always on, the connection is successful

13) How many LED are there in Tube kit?

T16M:64 pcs / T32M:128pcs

Optimized for an ultra-high TLCI, a very high CRI and peak brightness, colours as well as Hue, Saturation and Intensity can be set directly on the tube.


14) How do you know when tube is fully charged? 

The display at the backside of the Tube contains a battery icon which indicates the rough battery status. Next to it is a percentage that shows a more exact battery status.


15) The tubes have a wireless receiver card, but are equipped with a Wireless Solution WDMX card?

We use Luminair DNS512 (one model of Luminair 3 models), powerful wireless control function

Built-in Lumenradio communication module supports wired DMX; supports wireless DMX; APP control, supports synchronous and coordinated control of multiple lamps (wired and wireless), supports MADRIX software control

16) Are the lower and upper hitch pins M5? 

Now not M5, We use triangle brace 3/8 tube base; photo below.

wireless pixel tube base

motion picture LED lighting


17) What is the lead time for 1,000 set?

We have stock for 1-20 sets, can ship out within 3-4 days;

If more than 50 sets, lead time is 12- 15 days.

1,000 sets, lead time 18-20 days.


18) What is the package? 

4ft photos

wireless pixel tubes package

wireless pixel tubes package

pixel tubes package

pixel tubes package


8ft package

wireless pixel tubes package

wireless pixel tubes package

wireless pixel tubes package

wireless pixel tubes package

19) What is your production precess?

Yes, We have strict procedures for Incoming materials, Assembling, Shipping, quality exceptions flow chart;

Assembling process for example:

(1) Plug mounting gasket

(2) Fixing type-c

(3) Fixing control panel

(4) Marking Logo and model number

(5) Cleaning cover

(6) Fixing battery

(7) Fixing driving board

(8) Fixing controller board

(9) Semi-finished test

(10) Glueing

(11) Program, the software put in

(12) Assembling the tube

(13) Semi-finished test 2

(14) Assemble the plug

(15) Stickers

(16) Test 2.4G

(17) Test Aging

(18) Marking flow code

(19) Sweeping code weighing

(20) Stacking

(21) Flow code elctronic file

pixel tube aging test

pixel tube production process

20) How to test tubes before shipment?

(1) 3200K Discharge till turn off

(2) Turn off charge

(3) Charge 90%

(4) Charge and discharge at the same time

(5) Test DMX

(6) Test Software

(7) Test Button

(8) Test Bluetooth

(9) 2700K 30 minutes

(10) 6000K 30 minutes

(11) Red 30 minutes

(12) Green 30 minutes

(13) Blue 30 minutes

(14) Restore factory setting

(15) Discharge 30 minutes



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