flex LED mat Bi-color 1'x1'

The Flex LED Mat is the unique bendable Bi-colour LED panel for Energy camera crews, Studios and Sound Stages, Makeup Artists, Youtuber, Skypers, Bloggers, Students, Video Podcast creators and many others; also for live broadcasting, interview, portrait & still photography, film-making and TV shows,

The outer edge is lined with a durable wire framework and protective leather finish, allowing the Flex to be moulded into various shapes, then remain in place once positioned.

The Flex LED mat have an incredibly bright very soft output.  Color that is absolutely brilliant.  And every light comes with all of the accessories you need to create beautiful images.

lightweight, versatile, battery powered and colour accurate

Dimmable (10-100%)/ IP65 shoot in the rain for outdoor photography.

Accurate & pure light output: Hi-CRI (>97Ra) / TLSI 98

X-cross frame with bracket,Optional diffuser,Transport bag

flex LED mat Bi-color 1'x3'

The flex LED panel mats are pliable, dimmable, water-resistant for video production and photography that produces an outstanding quality of light.

The bendable Flex LED mat's ultra-compact design allows it to be easily concealed in tight spaces on-set, on-location, and during travel. Easily roll the Flex led mat and insert into a space light or lantern for 360° of light spread.

Bi-color 3200K + 5600K set together, power dimmer ranging from 5-100% 

Variety accessories: X-bracket, diffuser, control softbox for user-friendly

Hi CRI, Close to nature light,Completely flicker-free light output

Ergonomic controller with built-in V-Mount battery plate

flex LED mat RGBW 2'x2'

On the basic of original Bi-color 3200K + 6500K, adding the RGB  to simulate the color plate 360,Create a special atmosphere of light (such as KTV, bar lighting simulation).

Combining low weight, thin design and 360° pliability into an LED lighting fixture permits previously impossible mounting, positioning and operation. The Flex LED mats can be adhered directly to walls, windows or virtually any surface – curved or otherwise.

CCT mode, RGB, Bi-color can open independently and simultaneously

Mobile Wifi APP / 2.4G remote control / Handle dimmer control

Sunshine, natural light, gergeous light, weather scene, one-key switch

X-cross frame with bracket,Optional diffuser,Transport bag