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Flexible LED mats and kits(1'x1')

The AX Flex 1x1 LED Mat is the Practical flexible LED panel for professional use in photography, videography, filmmaking, film-making.

The flex mat is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, light weight and powerful lighting tool for portable interview or to hide in a narrow spaces likes elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography.

flex Bi-color 1'x1'

Foldable 56w LED mat;

Bi-Colour 3200K + 5600K;

Handle dimmer + V-mount Apater Plate;

flex Daylight 1'x1'

Pliable 56w LED panel;

Warm 3200K / Cool 5600K;

Softbox + V-mount Apater Plate;

flex RGBW 1'x1'

Lightweight 56w LED mat;


Dimming control: DAM Wifi / DAR remote control