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Flex 1x3 LED mats and kits

The fully-bendable LED flex mat features a ultra-thin surface lined evenly with LED diodes. The outer edge is lined with a durable wire framework and protective leather finish, allowing the Flex to be moulded into various shapes.

The Flex 1x3 LED mats provide stable light consistency and flicker-free output, making this light source an ideal solution for filmmakers. IP65 rain & dust protection rating,shoot in the rain, in a desert or in humid conditions.

flex Bi-color 1'x3' LED mat

Portable 160w LED mat;

Bi-Colour 3200K + 5600K;

Handle dimmer + V-mount Apater Plate;

flex Daylight 1'x3'

Pliable 160w LED mat;

Warm 3200K / Cool 5600K;

Softbox + V-mount Apater Plate;