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Flex 2x2 LED mats and kits

The flex 2x2 LED mat, Combining low weight, thin design and 360° pliability into an LED lighting fixture permits previously impossible mounting, positioning and operation.

Colour rendering test results of CRI 97 and TLCI 98 ensure the light output virtually mimics that of natural light sources. This ensures colour reproduction is true-to-life, making post-production and colour grading more straightforward.

flex 2x2 LED mat

Portable 200w LED mat;

Bi-Colour 3200K + 5600K;

Portable Softbox + V-mount Apater Plate;

flex daylight 2'x2'

Pliable 200w LED panel;

Warm 3200K / Cool 5600K;

Softbox + V-mount Apater Plate;

flex RGBW 2'x2'

Continuous 200w LED mat;

RGB + Cool white + Warm white;

Remote control/ DMX / APP;