1. RGBWW Carpet Light

AIRLIGHT balloon light, 8ft 200w, 4ft x 4ft 450W, LumenRadio Internal, 27,00K-10,000K, CRI & TLCI 96, LED Self Inflating, 15 Seconds Inflates and Deflates, Dimming Effect Wireless Remote DMX APP Control For Film Studio Event.


carpet light (20)


2. RGBWW Flexible LED Light Mat

For all colors (RGB+Bi-color) you can count on the highest quality light with a CRI value of 95. 896 LEDs provide a total output of 160watts.
The color temperature can be controlled from 2700K to 9999K. Besides the button control on the back panel, you can also control it by DMX.


Flex Cine rgb LED Mat


3.Flexible LED Mat OEM

12V/24V Ra97 RGBWW Bi Color 2700K-5600K LED Sheet For Film Industry

Size: RGBWW 1ft x1ft, 1ft x 2ft, 1ft x 3ft, 4ft x4ft , 8ft x2ft,etc

big size flex mat

big size flex mat


4. Flexible LED Light Mat Bi-color

Flexible LED light (1×1 BI, 1×2 BI, 1×3 BI, 2×2 BI, 4×4 BI), 3200K to 5600K, Lightweight and portable Operates on V-mount battery or AC power, X-bracket mounting, Diffuser, softbox, and grid included.


bi-color led mat

bi-color led mat