1. LED Space Light 2400w

The unique and innovative LED space Light produces over 288,000 hot lumens of high CRI Bi-color light which is variable from 3200 kelvin to 5600-kelvin convection cooled for silent running.

Accessories:1x Lamp housing, 3x Hanging Wires, 1x Black Skirt,1x Silk Skirt, 1x AC Cable, 1x Wireless controller


led space light

2. LED Space Light, RGBW 2000W

2000w sRGB 1,000-20,000K, TLCI96, CRI96, CCI=0, 0-100% brightness, 10,000 step smooth adjustment, 89 kinds light color & Effect internal, Wired & Wireless Control, Scenes control, Master-slave control.

led space light rgbw



3. LED Space Light 1700w

1700W Movie grade fixture LED Spacelite; From single-channel DMX operation to multi-channel operation, We can quickly and easily select the level of control desired, making it ideal for entertainment-related film shooting.


led space light front



4. LED Space Light 1500w

2020 popular Led Space Light trends in Lights & Lighting, High-performance studio lighting for a very reasonable price;


led space light 1500w

led space light 1500w

5. LED Space Light 1200w

Studio Brute Light with led lamps, Ideal for large areas fills light, in television & film productions, Wireless Remote DMX Control Makes Lighting Changes Fast, Easy.

Wireless Mode, Remote Control, High Finger, No Stroboscopic Light


led space light beside train

6. LED Space Light 950w

AC100-240V universal, weight 19 kg, light effect> 90lm/ W, color temperature 2700-6000K adjustable, brightness adjustment 0-100%, manual control and wired DMX512 control, 4pcs head can be controlled independently.


led space light 950w bi-color

7. LED Space Light 850w/700w

850w Powerful Output up to 8290 Lux @ 3 m;  0-100% Smooth Dimming; CRI97,TLCI(Qa>98+.CCI=0); DMX multi-channel operation


led film light design

8. RGBW Space Light

Weight 22 kg, power consumption 740W, light efficiency> 90lm/W, color temperature 2700-10,000K adjustable, brightness adjustment 0-100% adjustable, manual control and wired DMX512 control, wireless DMX control, 4 The lamp holder can be controlled independently.

best photography lighting equipment


9. RGB Space Light 

RGB 150W / Bi-color 200W, 90lm/w, 2,700-10,000K, brightness adjustment, manual control and wired / wireless DMX512 control.


rgb space light shoot